Banjo's Quick Reference Guides (NSW Only)

Welcome to Banjo's Quick Reference Guides. These guides have been developed to replace all those other guides, instructions and handy cheat sheets that are now getting a little out of date. These do not replace the NSW Organisation & Information Handbook (O&I) If there is any conflict, the O&I always comes first. The same goes with the National Policy & Rules. Please let us know if you find any.

Please note that these guides are based on NSW and while they may be helpful to other states/territories please keep that in mind.

# QRG Subject Issued
01 Parades and Ceremonies 18/10/2017
02 Over Age Joey Scouts 18/10/2017
03 Mob Particpation Scheme 18/10/2017
04 Desireable Standards 18/10/2017
05 Strategic Plan 18/10/2017
06 Mob Councils 18/10/2017
07 Mob Patrols 18/10/2017
08 Uniform 18/10/2017
09 Australian Scout Law and Promise 18/10/2017
10 Mob Resources 18/10/2017
11 Bush Walks for Joey Scouts 18/10/2017
12 Promise Challenge 18/10/2017
13 Cub Scout Link Badge 18/10/2017
14 Camper and Walkabout Badges 18/10/2017